Hi Dadda,

You are most certainly being heard and prayed for, but as you know there are no easy fixes. I remember your story with your ex and the house, your tough situation and your daughter. It’s an inspiration that you have made it this far, you are most certainly a strong person who will continue to walk through this hell your husband has made for you.
I feel you need this closure, though you may be financially ruined, etc by your husband’s gambling addiction, it is about over and you have your life.
What I would do is find living arrangements either through a friend, even if you put whatever you have in storage and sleep on a couch, or if that is not possible, go to a local church, there is a place for you and your daughter. It seemed to me the more I looked the more I found, never allowing myself to feel defeated.
Just let go of your husband and what he has done to you, there is nothing that can take it away, and there is nothing he or anything can do to take it away. As they say the damage is done. The monster in him will not ever change, unless he wants it to and we know that answer already. Honestly at this point I wouldn’t give him any mind or thought or reason for him to last out. He has proven who he is and let him go gambling his heart out, but without you ever having to ever deal with his BS again.
You will get through this, you just can’t get hung up on what has passed, and how unfair your situation is because as you said no one really cares, this just shows gambling addiction is really not equivalent to drug and alcohol addiction. Yet, those that have lived it knows it is, when someone takes drug or drinks they either pass out, etc but gambling addicts can go hours and hours and gamble until they have lost everything, which greatly impacts family.
Just keep believing and seeing the good things in your life, plugging away to what is available to you.

Best wishes,