I think when people have a certain amount of control over the lives of others or at least a little bit of power – it goes straight to their heads (in some cases) and they have a knack of forgetting that they are paid to do a job and do it to a good standard.

Sometimes they need to be reminded that they are accountable to the people that they work for which in many cases is the public. My situation was not as bad as yours but I to felt totally overwhelmed by injustice, bad treatment and always seeming to come off the worst no matter what my ex husband did in the 10 years of marriage and subsequent 6 years of stalking. I felt so powerless.

I decided to remind a few people via their complaints procedures of exactly what they were there to do and the incompetence of those working for them, I had gone past the point of feeling that complaining could make things worse. Once I got going I had trouble stopping !

I got results because I did my home work and quite calmly listed their bad practices etc against what I had learned that they should be doing.

The best part of doing it though was that I had taken back the power that I had given away (as I see it now) saying the things that I said helped me to off load it on the right doorstep / desk. I got some very different results and i certainly felt better for not being the victim all of the time.
It is a shame that in society, those who can shout the loudest get the best service but it seems to be true.

This seems a little like battling the addiction wearing different clothes and most seem so never ending.

No need to have a fight or lose your temper, theres some phrase which goes something like ‘the pen is mightier than the sword’

Jenny x