I think I would be a tad bitter as well, in fact I have been ! I can offer no practical advice and feel that what I am about to say will seem a little lame.

You are not alone although it must feel like that and with the whole world against you – even the authorites who should be able to protect you – no surprise there really.

To me it just shows how thick they are !! and you have seen through the addiction when sadly they have not. I walked out of court once unable to see how anyone could have got it just so badly wrong it still wrankles me to this day if I think about it. The only satisfaction I had was the fantasy in my mind of showing the Judge two fingers.

The thing is Dadda you are still standing in the most difficult of circumstances and as you have got through many other difficulties you will also get through this stage too, even though it appears way to hard right now – it will pass.

Sometimes the best way to win a fight is not to fight, plus its very annoying to others that want one ! You have already won this fight but the benefits have not as yet shown themselves to you.

I know my words will have very little impact on your circumstances, but I wanted you to know you are not alone.