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Hi Daniel

Well done writing your first post which is an excellent reference for you to turn to in the future. I hope when you read it again that it will help you to understand that the nature of your compulsion means that ultimately you cannot and will not win.

This site would not be here Daniel, if compulsive gamblers could win and walk away and I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t know that you can control your addiction and be the man you want to be, the one your mother and father would want you to be.

Now that you have reached out, I hope you will continue to do so. You are young enough to have a whole world of happiness and success ahead of you if you accept your addiction and take responsibility for your behaviour. I am lucky enough to know many who have succeeded and who are living very special lives, often better in my opinion, for having had the strength, courage and determination to fight the addiction that has sadly found you. The flip side is that you are also young enough to sink even further into an abyss of debt and despondency.

There is nothing to be ashamed of in owning the addiction to gamble, you didn’t ask for it or want it but it is important that you accept that this is the way it is for you.

Charles facilitates our gambler groups on Mondays and Thursdays and he understands your addiction.. Please join him, you will be welcomed, understood, inspired and supported.

There is a lot of support for gamblers nowadays, maybe you could find GA (gamblers anonymous) groups in your area. Grab all the support you can find.

Whatever you decide Daniel make this step into recovery, the first of many. Healing takes time, it is gradual and exhausting but ultimately it is a walk back to the life you deserve.

I wish you well