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Hi Daniel, welcome to the forum. I’m so glad you had Sara and others here to support you. Most compulsive or addicted gamblers can’t stop until they hit rock bottom and have nothing left. They cannot stop themselves even when they know they have a problem. It is the hard slam of bottom that makes them realize what they truly have been dealing with. If by some miracle you managed to save a little give it to a trusted family member to keep for you. You are right, we can’t trust ourselves. It’s unfortunate but true. It is not the money, winnings or in the case of stocks, earnings or profits that we are addicted to. It is the thrill or rush of the bet or the “investment” that you are addicted to. The rush of watching your stock rise and calculating your winnings to be “reinvested” in your mind. You continue to make the “investments” regardless of actual outcome. I played slot machinces. Ya I know, the house always wins! Especially if you continue to play. In my case I used cash to play. For a long time after my crash. When all I had left was a badly mortgaged house and and old car, I could not handle cash! I could not trust myself with my source! In your case it is probably stock trading accounts. Can you close them all? Get rid of them. You will not trust yourself again with stocks for maybe never. That doesn’t mean that you can’t have a good life. A great life. It hurts big time where you are now. But to steal the advice of another member here, Kin, it is time to stop the digging. Take the shovel out of your hand and stop digging the hole deeper. Addictions counseling was immensely helpful for me. Seeing a counselor that specialized in gambling and also attending GA meetings were immensely helpful. I realized I was fighting for my life. So glad you joined. Information is a great tool.
take care,