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Hi Darcy
While your husband is in rehab he will get the chance to voice his thoughts on horse racing in the future and he will be receiving the tools for a life-time recovery.
It is only natural that you are worried. Your husband’s addiction will undoubtedly have confused you and it is easy, therefore, to believe that he will fool the counselors and therapists in the rehab but they are trained to spot those who are really wanting to change their lives and those who are paying lip serve. I grant you that not all compulsive gamblers who go into rehab are willing to listen but the fact that your husband is there is reason to hope.
It is scary to think differently and allow yourself to trust; the fear of being let down again is understandable. It is important for you to use this time while he is away to work on yourself, to learn to relax and be happy, to do the things that his addiction stopped you doing such as seeing friends and enjoying hobbies. If your husband is using his time in rehab well, he will return to you a changed man which is why it is good that you are healthy, happy and in control of your own life when he returns
I have known of some sports gamblers who have watched sport while living successful gamble-free lives following treatment, it is not something that will happen immediately in recovery and the gambler needs to be aware of the dangers of doing so. I have known gamblers however who have turned their backs on the sport that triggered them.
Your husband will be talking In rehab about how he thinks his life will be when he leaves and I am sure he is being advised about how dangerous it is to test his addiction.
It would be good to ‘talk’ to you in the privacy of a group Darcy. Nothing said in the group appears on the forum. I know it can be very lonely waiting and hoping at home. I would be interested to know if he is on the GMA programme but possibly you would not like to write this on an open forum.
Speak soon