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Hi Daughter
I’m not going to call you ungrateful or treacherous, you are the daughter of a woman with an addiction and you have worries of your own, it stands to reason it is complicated.
My thought on reading your post was that there was an unnecessary amount of guilt flying around and guilt holds people back from doing the right thing. You are enabling your mum to get scratch cards because ‘you’ feel guilty but why and how are you guilty? It is not your fault that your mother had become a danger to herself and others and so had to sell her car. It is not your fault that your mother is a CG.
You have done well accepting that you are spending too much and maybe it would help you to talk about why you think you do this – but your over-spending does not change the way your mother is.
You have too many worries at the moment – your life is like a giant jig-saw in too many pieces – you can’t see what is going on – but if you take one problem at a time and deal with it before you tackle another problem, gradually the pieces will come together and you will see the whole picture clearly.
I hope you will update your thread soon – you have done well to tell us about your mum but also to mention your spending. Do you have anyone who support you and maybe handle your finances.