Hi Denise
I am not sure you are reading your main thread. It is always difficult when a member has too many threads because replies get lost.

The group times are listed in our support Group section which you can find at the top of the forum page. We also have a forum called The Meeting place where you can tell people you are going to be in the open chat at a certain time – I have just had a look in and there is nobody there so it is a bit of pot luck.

Your main thread is entitled ‘Hi I’m new, desperate and need help’. Please use this thread only, all your posts will be read, all will receive replies. In my last post to you on that thread I tried to allay some of your worries. If there is things I have missed or other questions you want answered post them on your main thread.

You are on our radar Denise and you are cared about. Unfortunately there is not another F&F only group until Tuesday but if you need more immediate support our helpline is open at 9am tomorrow morning (Monday), our open chat group is available all today, although, unmoderated and I will look at your thread later today.