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Hi Dottie,
welcome to the forum. I feel your pain. I’ve been there before. All of us have. And yet somehow, if we don’t act to make changes, the pain of losing that money and what it could have represented will fade. And with forgetting we do it over and over again. As I’m sure you have probably had some bad experiences before. They say gambling addiction is a progressive disease or problem. It will only get worse with time if left unchecked. Trusting someone with your secret can be a big step. It is understandable to be cautious. It takes a big person or maybe the right person to see that gambling is a serious problem and that we can’t just STOP. Or we would have stopped long ago. Coming here is a good step. You receive support and good advice. Johnny is right. No money = no gambling. Maybe tying up savings into an account you can’t touch without two signatures or in an investment you can’t cash out. Addiction counselling was a big help to me. There is usually so much more under the surface that needs to be addressed. Try some of the support groups here, particularly the daytime sessions that are hosted. And although they sound scary, face to face GA meetings are extremely beneficial for so many. Keep journalling, that helps too!
take care,