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Hi Everyone,
It occurred to me while reading all your posts that a step in the right direction might be to downgrade your phones. My i phone broke and of course due to the demands gambling had placed on my budget, I was unable to replace it. I bought a twenty pound phone that can do little except text and phone. It actually took me days to get used to not having instant access to everything but it kinda makes your mind more peaceful once you get used to it. It means that at least for several hours a day, eg when at work i can’t check on bets, gambling sites etc. I am currently free from gambling . What really helped me was a course called Higher Stakes on a website called Setting Captives free. It is a christian site but iam sure there is similar help available for those of different religious backgrounds. What made this course different (and I have been gambling for about 30 years) is that my mind is free. It is not just that I am trying really hard not to gamble each day. My mind is no longer tortured and I feel a freedom I did not know existed. An online course helped me for the same reasons some of you mentioned…pride, shame etc in letting others know. I think the worse thing about gambling is the hold it has over your mind. That recurring thought that one big win and everything will be ok. Once the thought of gambling comes, it is almost impossible not to follow it. The thing to remember is that you can stop. Others have. And it is so worth it.