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Hi Flit, so glad to hear that something has finally clicked for you! Sorry so late in responding, I was away from home and due to circumstances was away from this site for a week.

That was when my recovery finally started. When something clicked and I realized I didn’t want to be the person wasting their life away gambling. I would dream of winning money so I could gamble all day without consequences. I finally realized that wasn’t who I wanted to be. Someone who’s whole life was wasted gambling and even just thinking all the time about gambling. I had to confess to my partner and put blocks in place. He would stay or he would go but either way I had to get help for my problem. That was 9 years ago. We are still together. I did unfortunately get complacent after 5 and a half years clean and returned to gambling. Nothing had changed. I still lost all my money I had access to. Thankfully I involved my hubby in the finances again and I reconnected with this site. I am nearly a year clean again. You can do this. Your life can be filled with much better things. It can have meaning. Keep posting! You give hope to others and at the same time you need continued support. There will be good days and bad. Mood swings in the beginning are to be expected. But you will get through them. Glad to read your updates. Take care,