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Hi Flit,

well done on your realisation of the problem and on looking for help.

If you have been reading the other stories here you will have seen that you can stop gambling. there is a lot of life after gambling stops. You will also have seen the sort of things that haved helped others stop – things like getting blockers to prevent online gambling, financial barriers as well so we don’t have the unlimited, unaccountable access to gambling funds that allows us to act on an urge.

There is also a lot of support avaialble to you – here and other sites, places like Gamblers Anonymous, counselling, even residential support.

If you think your partner will be leaving you tomorrow then I would say the best thing to do would be to tell him today. That way he won’t just be discovering the problem, again, this time you can show him this site, already have found the address of your local GA meeting, be making arrangements for your wages to go into his account, that sort of thing. In short, whilst there are no guarantees, it will be better to present the solution to the problem, not just the problem.

Whatever happens with your partner though, you will still be a compulsive gambler. You can choose to now make your next bet tyhough, one day at a time, and take the actions that will make that more likely.

Keep posting and check out the group schedule as well, hopefully see you in one of them soon.