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I have to say I love a list, makes things more real, keeps us focused, something to look at when feeling a little testy, I love crossing things off lists too, gives me a sense of satisfaction.
nIn terms of money management I’m impressed you have done this, it’s a hard thing to do, can I ask if it’s a family member or friend? I’m assuming (I’m a huge assumer) that they know of your situation? If so, that’s great!
nI think you’re right though, everyone is different, I stayed accountable for around a year I think, in saying that I’ve also stayed excluded all this time ( it has lapsed during COVID) but venues are closed and I’m not interested in online gambling.
nI think you will know when the time is right, for now, you’re doing well, you’ve done this before so it’s not new to you. None of us are perfect, stay true to yourself and your recovery. Look forward to reading more from you!
nLove K xxx