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Provided that your girlfriend is willing to ban herself from the casinos then there is no harm in taking her to do so. If she has not stated her willingness and she is going at your insistence then it is likely to be a wasted venture.
Las Vegas is probably the worst place for any gambler to go if they want to live gamble-free. If she believes that there is a remote possibility that you are willing to fund this trip and enable her ‘dream’ then her addiction will be in full throttle.
Giving her cash is feeding her addiction – and giving her money, generously, is not helping her. If she has ‘earned’ this money, then it is hers to do with as she wishes but it would be good if she was willing for you to take care of it for her – but she has to agree. I don’t see why you feel the need to give ‘generously when you know she will abuse it.
It is quite a generalisation to say that English people talk and meet. I don’t believe that an English compulsive gambler wants to talk or listen any more than a Vietnamese gambler who is addicted – unless and until, they are determined that they want to take control of their lives. She might come from a community that doesn’t talk but does she also come from a community that doesn’t listen?
If your girlfriend wants to live gamble-free then she clearly has some work to do on herself but you can help by not enabling her.