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Hi Geordie,

Thank you for your thoughts and opinions. I appreciate the feedback. I think it’s pretty standard that I get urges to place the quick wager or buy a quick scratch off here and there. I don’t think those urges will ever go away. The difference now is that I’m better equipped to deal with them in a more positive way when they do present themselves.
I’m not keeping the door to gambling open at all even though you felt that when you read my posts. I have said and will keep saying that I can’t ever gamble again. That it will lead me to a horrible place. I don’t agree with that comment.
This is an open forum where people can express their thoughts and feelings. Whether you can or can’t believe I would write something is on you and not me. If you are troubled by it thats ok. I didn’t;t write it in hopes for your acceptance of it. I wrote it because it was on my mind and I thought 3racer could use some suggestions on other ways to make his money work for him. Again – you can accept suggestions or not. I don’t have a gun to anyones head. This is a diary forum, nothing more.
My investments are my business but I’m happy to share any advise or suggestions or just chat about them any time. I don’t agree at all with you that investing in a diversified portfolio is the same as gambling on a sporting event with odds, the flip of a card, the press of a button on a slot, or the roll of the dice. Gambling on a 100% win lose outcome is different then diversifying a portfolio. In a portfolio people can take risky or less risky investments. With gambling it’s a guess and an all or nothing proposition. Gambling in that arena provides a rush with that action. You don’t get that from investing. Investing is a long slow game, not a fast paced gamble. When I say that I think people with excess money should invest in a house, ira, stocks, bonds, index funds, mutual funds, ETF’S, 2ND income stream, CD, art, etc. So many ways to invest and make money work for you. I think that lumping gambling and investing together as bad or as a possible trigger is not an informed thought. If inflation is increasing at a rate of 1-2% annually and you have excess cash sitting in a saving’s account you’re actually losing money… Does that seem smart to you or does it seem smart to invest and stay ahead of inflation and hopefully make compounding interest work in your favor rather than against you. I have to get back to work but wanted to let you know my thoughts.
Have a great day and again thank you for your thoughts.