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Fish face2017

I really appreciate you taking the time to reply to my thread , it means a great deal to me.

I sort of imagined that the gambling hangovers would stay around for a few weeks/months. But I’ll take each day as it comes, the last two days have been better and I’ve been in a much better mood. Not sure if it’s because the weekend is approaching! But overall I do feel in a lot better spirits and this site is definitely having a positive impact for me. Congratulations on also having a gamble free day, I wish you many more. Yes I agree i need to sit down with my friends properly and talk to them.. as they’re the only ones that know. I haven’t told any family still only because I’m still embarrassed and I know financially I don’t need there help, only if I stay gamble free. Which I will. I completely agree with you about the friends reaction part. When I told them at first they couldn’t believe I had been hiding it so well, I guess that’s what it does to you. Brave faces and white lies. But im hoping day by day these things seem to fade out. Our minds are our own worst enemy for sure.

Haha that would be nice eh!

Thanks a lot Geordie, I really appreciate it!