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Hi Geordie
Thanks for your comment. I have taken your knowledge and advice on board, it is very useful to me. Just taking the step to come on this site has helped enormously I find great comfort in reading other people’s stories and realise that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

With regards to my therapy it was at the national problem gambling clinic in soho, and helped me a lot as I stopped for around 1 year, maybe more, to be honest the last 12 years have been one big gambling blur so I can’t be precise. Due to work commitments I missed a few appointments (I was working shifts at the time) and eventually dropped out through embarrassment. I am not sure they would take me back after dropping out like that. They do a great job there though and I highly recommend it.

At the moment it’s one step at a time and this for me is only day 2, weirdly I feel quite confidant so looking forward to tomorrow already. I have picked up quite a few interesting tips just by reading other people’s posts and will adapt a few ideias myself. One of which is to get rid of my bank cards and when I am on my own I will only go out with minimal cash in my pocket. It’s a challenge I look forward to, thanks for posting, have a great day.