Hi Gico
It would appear from your post that your husband is not admitting he has an addiction which would be the first step towards him changing his life. If he has never been to GA, it might be a good idea to have a look at gamblersanonymous.org//20questions click on ‘Enter’ and then ‘20 questions’. Perhaps you could print them off and leave them for him to look at. It might help him to realise that he has a recognisable addiction but that there is help available for him. As your husband is obviously angry with the world perhaps it would be better to leave them where he can see them rather than giving them to him.
It is a sad fact that the addiction to gamble does consume and unless it is treated it gets worse, not better.
I cannot tell you what to do and I will never tell you to go or to stay because that will always be your choice but you are right that unless your husband does change his life then his addiction will continue to damage your relationship.
I am concerned that you write that your husband has been violent when you have refused to enable him and I would urge you to consider protection for yourself. Do you have a Gamanon in your area? It is the sister group to GA (gamblers anonymous) and it is for those who love CGs (compulsive gamblers)
Refusing to enable is not the same as leaving a friend to drown because enablement feeds the addiction and keeps it growing. Knowledge of your husband’s addiction will give you power and help you cope so please post again and possibly join one of our Friends and Family groups – It would be great to communicate in real time.
I do know that the addiction to gamble can be controlled but the CG has to recognise and accept the addiction first.
Well done starting your thread
Speak soon