nomore 56

Hi Gidge, your plan sounds good. A plan B offers some kind of comfort just in case push comes to shove. It sounds like reality is somehow sinking in for him. No transportation, sources for money drying up and a separation on the horizon. I am very happy for you and your kids that you put them first. Some of us forget about the children being lost in the shuffle of addiction. I was thinking that you should not worry about where he lives. Easier said than done. But he is the one who has to make choices now and you have enough to think about. The addiction is very good at threatening, both verbally and quietly (the dark cloud). I can’t count the times my hb indirectly threatened to harm himself. So that I felt sorry for him, worried about him and finally gave in. Doubting myself that I might be too harsh with him. You know that addicts are manipulators and it goes 10fold for cgs. So all in all I think you are on the right track, you go girl!!!!!