Hi Goodgirl,

I was once the forever good girl and easily manipulated girl, until I started my recovery. I learned the bailouts I thought would open his eyes to his addiction did the opposite. It only allowed for his gambling addiction to grow into a immortal monster and thighen its claws on my emotions and purse strings.
Helping you mom is admirable to an extent because she is your mother, but when she continues to gambling and put herself in the dire situations regardless of age is irresponsible. I don’t believe in bail outs, and when she said she would survive of eggs until her next check. It’a the addiction in her playing big shot, so don’t spend anytime worrying about her needs. She is fine with bare minimum as she has been gambling most of her money.
There is much to learn about the addiction, it is the master of manipulation. If you feel she is mentally unstable you could contact social services and have her evaluated due to her age. It is known many dementia patients increase their gambling.
The most important thing is for you to start your own recovery, everything else should be second.

Take care,