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Kpat thanks for your post. Sometimes I wonder if anyone reads back and thinks who is this crazy person? Being a CG is a rollercoaster ride for sure. Just when I think I have gotten on the kiddy ride I hit one of those really high hills then drop in a freefall! lol! Such is life I guess. I think the difference now is just the way we handle things.
It’s been a trying month for sure. I just got woke up by bill collector-not for myself but for Jen. I know something is up with her, what I’m not sure. My reaction is to bail her out-which of course just enables whatever she is up to. I have decited to give them her cell number the next time they call. She needs to be irritated with the calls-not me. I had so looked foward to a sleep in today. Since I have been ill I just can’t get enough sleep.
I needed to be up anyways- I have a dr appointment in about an hour. I saw the Dr last week and had a standing appointment today. He sent me for bloodwork and told me I could skip today if all was well. I called his office and the nurse said Dr had a note on my file that I needed to keep my appointment. I’m not sure whats up but if he wants a face to face I can only hope for the best. Whatever it is hopefully I’ve gotten an early jump to correct it. God is good and good to me.