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Always good to hear from old “friends”!
As for my Mom she has been squirreling away money every month. I do believe she wants to return downstate to live. This would mean my sister would loose her house as my mom pays some of the bills there. Her favorite son and grandson live there however he would never take care of her. She is no longer capable of living on her own and if she was really set on leaving my sister next step is a nursing home. She doesn’t listen when I tell her that if that ever happened she would have no money as you have to sign over everything to the care center. I keep telling her to do something for herself-take a trip, pay a taxi if she really wants to go somewhere – what ever. I also told her when shes gone that I am going to blow that money asap so if she doesn’t enjoy it I will!
On that note I haven’t gambled or even had the urge to gamble since I posted here last week, 2 weeks Wednesday I believe. I did go to a meeting Friday. I know that helps and I will go to another this week.
I return to work tomorrow. I have been off a month. Time flys when I am off work.
I talked to Jen’s dad and he has a small amount of money to help her get the license plates for the car and $100 toward the rent. Every bit helps and it make me feel less stress.