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Hi Hanihan
In my opinion, when a gambler really want to change his life, it is important that every avenue is explored. If the ideal solution for your partner is rehabilitation then please look at GMA and don’t dismiss it because he has gambled all his money and can’t afford to take time off work. GMA is for compulsive gamblers and gamblers have often not got any money as a result of their addiction and it is understood that a man has concerns for his work.
You and/or your partner can get information on our Helpline or by getting in touch with GMA direct.
The project used to last 9 months but it is considerably shorter now and the time away is a drop in the ocean compared to a life-time – I know because many years ago I waited 9 months for change.
As I said before, it would be great if you would join me on a Tuesday or Thursday evening when we can communicate in real time.