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My first GA meeting i was terrified. I was nervous, i didnt know what to expect. I got there and blubbered, couldnt talk, but was welcomed. Everyone there is a gambler, like us. They have had to walk through the door for the first time too. Its a place like here but in a room where you can see everyone in real life. if you are too overwhelmed to share you dont need to. There are no rules saying you must do this or that. I know you had been worried about someone seeing you but its anonymous.. You dont give your last name. If there is someone there you know then they are there for the same reason. Not many people would even know a meeting is being held there as they arent really advertised.. for me i would go dressed casual and comfortable, however you feel best about yourself. Just go, and tell us all what it was like. I found i had to give it quite a few goes before i felt comfortable but then grew to love it.. men or women they are all there for the same reason.. good on you happy so proud of you. Take from it what works for you.