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Hi! I am sorry that I did not reply sooner. I just saw the comment. I never give him my own money to gamble with and my money is in accounts that he can not touch. I also have his money in an account that he does not have access too so that he can’t spend it all gambling. I give him daily allowances for his expenses and sometimes ask for reciepts as well. The money he gambles with is the $100 he keeps out of his check monthly. The $100 a month was the compromised amount when speaking to with his therapist. I spoke very openly in our meeting and he listened and said he understood but he also did not budge on wanting to continue. His therapist said its good that we are speaking openly and not lying to one another but also suggested he stop. As of now we plan to continue meeting once a week and continue living together as long as he continues paying his share of the bills. If that were to change I will not support him. This situation is not ideal at all and I am just trying to live day by day and this point and see where it takes me. I feel a sense of anxiety like I’m waiting for him to crash and burn, which unfortunately I feel is inevitable. I’m just trying to stay aware and focus on me in the mean time.