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Dark Energy

I am very happy for you,  you are doing really well.

I think yes it make senses. but let me tell you about today as of now the idea of trading again is completly out of my mind, I am convinced that I will never go back to it in any way or form and this makes me happy, 

today is my first day  i am in a good mood  i am focused on my work and very productive and this is NOT NORMAL, i was never focused and productive from the first day in all my previous trials, even the good mood is somthing that I will start to have after a week or 2 .  normally i need a month from day1 to the day where I can say yes I am a functional human being again. but this time it is from Day 1.

I think the reason is that i have burned the last ship behind me , this was the idea of involving a 3rd party in my trading. it kipt me close to the idea of trading which eventially caused me to relapse many time. but today I let it go.