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Hi. I found out from a third party about 4months ago. Luckily my husband only ruined his credit but he did gamble away over a year’s wages over a period of 18months. I know how hurt and angry you are, I still am although the feelings have dulled some. It’s so crazy hard. We’ve been together 20yrs.

I believe he has quit  he seems relieved he was caught   He has been trying to make it up to me on some level  but I still feel distant -undecided- hurt- etc. He has done everything I’ve asked or I think I would have ended it  He is scared I will   

Best I can do is recommend you take care of YOURSELF, focus on yourself. Hopefully you can find yourselves each a gambling counsellor. I just finished a book “Behind the Eight Ball” recommendable for families of gamblers. I ordered it on line; found it helpful. Wishing you all the best….