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I hope your stomach cramps have eased now. I got l theanine delivered today so will let you know how these go, I have given them to my son as well as he finds himself getting anxious.
Now with the hubby, this has been an issue for you as long as I have been on the site and I am now two years 8 months gf. With Pete, our relationship had been non existent for many years which is just one of the reasons I gambled. It was through counselling that I explored this and gathered together the courage to ask him to move out. Now I know our story has had a surprise twist in that we have gotten back together some nearly two years since he moved out but the relationship now is nothing like it was at all. So sometimes a kick up the butt is worthwhile to change things for the better. I also had a kick up the butt and have made some big changes as well. I do realise that we are probably in a minority. You do need to talk to your husband though and tell him how you feel. If you r unable to do that, I would ask why?
During this time of crisis may not be the best time, or it may be. You are the best judge of that.