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Thank you for your post on my thread. I always like hearing from you. Well I did the timeline too and it is 973 gf days, nearly hitting the 1000 days.
I am in the outreach poulstone ex residents group. we Skype on a Thursday evening. I wonder if you can join it?
I like your idea of planning for the week. It worked for me previously And I will never forget your support when things were quite desperate. I find even when there is zero motivation, and nothing is achieved one day, then it can be the next. Progress, not perfection. I like that phrase.
I was lucky in that before corona kicked off after I hurt my back at xmas I signed up for hello fresh and Abel and Cole organic. If I hadn’t I would have been in dire straits now as not a hope in hell of getting a delivery slot on Ocado now. I hope from little seeds things come into fruition, literally and metaphorically!