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Ok, playing devils advocate, you would not want to stay in bed. Definitely know that about you. The need to make a difference and be successful would be the overriding thing here, and if anyone knows about staying in bed during recovery it is me. In many ways we are similar. My tiredness comes from a life of smoking. Both of us have issues re wellness that could be addressed and these are on my list of goals, there are still things I would like to accomplish in this life and I know, with your talent, this is the same for you.
What stops us is for me certain health issues that. Just be addressed in order to have any chance of moving forward. I have thought about Pilates, strengthening the core muscles which seems to make a lot of difference to a lot of people with weight or chronic pain issues. I believe we have to fight now for the better life we deserve. We blew it by gambling but that is not the rest of our lives.
If I had a lot of money he it would be a spa with exercise and good food for at least a month to kickstart getting fit and dropping the cigs. I did this ten years ago and dropped a dress size in about two months to a size 12 and felt and looked great. It can be done.
I would also get very costly dental work done and a few cosmetic although not drastic improvements on my appearance. I don’t intend for any of this to be accomplished through gambling but I have given myself timelines in years for some of these things to be accomplished. Everything starts with a dream and ideas and then we need to carry it through with the grace of the Lord, of course.