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Doesn’t matter if not uplifting. To be honest, I prefer someone to be real rather than fake so it is ok to feel how we feel, except it isn’t if you know what I mean. Something major is missing from my life and I occasionally feel my faith but more,
often than not when stuck like this I don’t. It is hard to trust when we feel a void plus gambling has made me not trust myself and the intuitive messages I might get from my higher self. That is awful when we can’t always trust our intuition. I too am having depressing thoughts. I also know that I have health issues that need to be addressed. I,also know that western medicine and drugs have never served me well. I am sensitive to many western drugs and they always create another problem. Story of my life with it. Plus how many people on the planet expire because of drug errors or medications interacting with each other. I think it is a scandal that doesn’t get enough air time.

So I get up late after another late one with intermittent sleep and watching the commonwealth games. headache much reduced but still a little there and feeling very frustrated because my timesheet still hasn’t been authorised. The agency are just a bunch of unprofessional wide boys and I vow never to work,with them again.
I went for a walk through the park to the local shop and really puzzled at what to buy, as cheese is my daily staple. Everything I saw had icky cheese and personal loves ie cauliflower cheese, jacket potatoes yet I settle for,some roast beef for a sandwich plus peach slices. It was so hard to find something I like that isn’t cheese. I do succumb to a cream eclair though.
I remember that when I had spinal shingles in 2003, traditional Chinese medicine helped me a lot as it leaves you with a dreadful fatigue and neuralgia. I had no neuralgia after treatment with herbs and acupuncture and I got well very quickly. I think it will try it again.