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Yes. Ty for your post, it was helpful. Whatever the ‘hammering’ was about it sorted out. I know how this type of experience upsets u and personally I didn’t get it, buy hey ho. it got sorted and that’s the main thing.
I am still faffing about being quite lazy, playing games. Today however is tidy up day. That is my only objective for today. See if I get there at the end of the day. My son has come back saying he knows he lost it and he knows the score with everything. He just wants his independence back and I get that. But I remain steadfast.
I feel as though with lockdown I have gone backwards and some of the previous good work has been undone. Before all this kicked off I looked vibrant and now I don’t. It is day 54 today, 7 weeks and 4 days. I need a cut and colour, I am pale from lack of fresh air and still have a backache from stooping over my work laptop. Plus gained some weight. I miss my massages, facials and reflexology. I need to get back on track.