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Idi is right, you won’t get any money on here so you should stop asking. It isn’t going to happen. And I would question as to why you are persisting in asking? Asking problem gamblers so save you by giving money is not a good idea and we all know the desperation that drives us to do that. But it will not help you one bit, and we all know that. You are the one that needs to save your own life, and take responsibility for where you are right now, this means not looking for bail outs.
Many of us in here have built up huge debts, far more than your own, you have a big plus in your favour in that you have a good job which is a massive plus. You can recover your financial position and as for five or ten years to get straight, welcome to my world, ten years and I am much older than you. Some of us who hit rock bottom did lose our jobs in the process. In relation to your creditors if you admit to a gambling problem they have to listen and they will give you more time, we have all been in the same boat and like idi that is what I have found.
So, face the hard truth, and accept it, you have a gambling problem and seek out a good counsellor who can help you to examine why you are gambling in the way you have been, there are always underlying reasons. Do you have a GA you can go to?
I wish you well, and please stop asking for money.