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Hi Ivan.

As others have said, coming to a forum full of people who have lost all their own money really isn’t the place to come for a loan.

There are lots of financial options these days; from repayment plans through to bankruptcy, with a lot in between. Get proper local financial advice to look at your options.

It really doesn’t matter what you do with the finances though unless you also get help with your addiction. You say you “…….will give my girlfriend which I trust and which knows about my problem acces to my bank accounts and cards…….” Have you done that yet?

I see there are Gamblers Anonymous meetigns in Croatia as well, that would be another good option for you. Check they are running though, many are closed right now due to Covid 19. As well as helping you to stop gambling they would also likely be able to point you in the direction of local financial advice.

Keep posting and let us know the positive steps you are taking to address your addiction.