Hi Ivy
Welcome back – I am glad you knew you could come again and be assured of a warm welcome.
You say in your post that your husband has gone almost 18 months gamble-free this time – has he slipped again or are you feeling he is due for another nose-dive?
Many CGs count the days, months, etc. Psychologically this can create a goal. Once the goal is reached, be it a week, a year or eighteen months, there can be a feeling of euphoria a desire for a reward and the most likely reward for a CG, who has not fully accepted his addiction is a gamble.
If your husband has achieved his 18 months gamble-free by his own effort he will still be subject to his addiction distorting his thoughts – this is a time for him to speak to his peers in GA, on this site or a counsellor. I have still to hear of an active CG who has maintained a gamble-free life without support.
Stick with us Ivy – you have done great starting your thread. Of course you are the only one who can decide your future but it is really good to share your thinking with others – if helps to unravel thoughts that can get tangled and out of proportion.