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Hi Izzy, well done on connecting to that GA meeting. Try and few and find one/some that suit. Some might concentrate on the Steps, others might be more people talking about their past and their recovery now.
nI have never had a sponsor and I have done more than the first 4 steps 🙂 Some groups do sponsors, some don’t. When you find a meeting you like and stick to it you could ask someoone there if they would sponsor you, you will get to know people and sponsorship pretty much a mutual decison thing.
nWhen it comes to the steps just start at Step One. 🙂 A heads up for you – Step one has TWO parts to it, both are important. Speaking personally I knew i was “powerless over gambling” for years before going to GA. I was just quite happy to continue being powerless as long as I could keep doing it!! Madness I know but that is why both parts are important. Keep posting.