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Hi Jackie
Your partner says that therapy and/or talking to someone doesn’t work and I am wondering on what he bases this inaccurate belief? Where has he sought support from?
I am sure I am stating what you already know when I say that is that it is unfair of your partner to ask you to do his worrying for him. It seems to me that he is passing the buck as a way to keep things jogging along without any effort on his part while you do all the work. Sadly, active CGs often see those who love them as soft targets and likely to give in – given time.
Your partner has suggested that he does accept that he has an addiction but I think he is keeping his foot in the door to stop you shutting it completely on his access to money for gambling because although self-exclusion is admirable, he will need more on-going support – after all why try and go it alone when he doesn’t have to do so? He is misinformed if he believes that abstinence alone is recovery. Has there been any change in his behaviour since he self-excluded?
Keep checking your finances; I am sure you are aware that a gambling addiction once triggered can do a lot of damage in a very short time.
Please look after yourself; you are right that screaming and shouting at him will not do either of you any good – looking after you will keep you healthy and able to cope.
Please keep posting
Always listening