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Well done for refusing the invite to play, James I believe im right that Poker is illegal in Japan so I’m assuming your playing with friends or illegal clubs

Due to this it becomes harder to implement barriers, so its great to see you looking at ways of ensuring you haven’t access to cards when your aware of a pending game

Over the years Ive read of many people posting their cards to themselves, putting them in water and freeze them then have to wait for them to defrost , even a lady burying her husband cards under his prize cabbages in the garden has proved to work, The types of barriers whilst some may seem as extreme are proven,…. no card… no cash… no gamble

Where it can fail is with your own self honesty, reducing your ATM limit is a great idea. $100 is about £65, would you need $100 a day or could you make it less

I found for me , I’m also a poker player, I had a almost prerequisite amount of money needed to attend a game, the chances are the $100 isn’t enough for you to be tempted.. but what happens if you have the ability to withdraw $100 a day and spend $20, leaving you as potential $570 in cash in 7 days… a figure that is much more likely to cause urges than a reduced figure

Take care