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Hi James and welcome.

You are right, you can not change the past. For now though i would also not focus on the future. Focus on NOW. By doing that, one day at a time, the future will be brighter.

You re asking yourself a lot of “whys” there. One of them has a simple answer – “Why don’t I have the strength to stop?” Because it is an addiction.

Read the other stories here, you are not alone, you can stop gambling and turn things around.

From what you have said it sounds like those around you are aware of/affected by your gambling? Then you stop hurting them by showing them by your actions that you mean it this time, that you are going to take those positive actions to help you stop gambling.

When reading the other stories here you will see the sort of things that have helped others – which things can you apply to your own situation?

Where do you gamble? Get yourself excluded? How do you fund gambling? Get barriers and accountability in place?

None of us could do it on our own, if we could do that then we wouldn’t have a problem in the first place. use the support here, keep posting and tell us what positive actions you can start to take.