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Thank you for taking time to reply to me . Firstly I congratulate you for making the decision to quit .
This forum is great and everyone had been through the same.
Yes society perception infused us also the dire to compete with others or feel very important just because you have expensive stuff .

I live in a very pretentious area full of wannabe rich people and they walk around with Chanel bags and just because they wear Chanel bag they feel important .

I realised that I been trying to keep up with these kind of people.

Now everything is simple for me at the end of the day what’s the point of having 30 pairs of shoes you can only wear one at a time can’t wear them all can you .
Also what’s the point of having so many hand bags .
I know I might sound shallow but these where the things pulling me in to the life of gambling as I always wanted more and was trying to compete with others .
I have allot debt and these are mostly gambling debts I been doing really well by paying them off quicker thang I thought but when I look at it that money could of gone to something useful rather than a selfish habbit .
I been listening to allot of Allan watts his def inspired me