Hi Jenny
I love this upbeat post, it’s so full of just ‘living’ in the centre of your life and not hanging on to the periphery of someone else’s.
What a difference a year makes and how far you and your boys have come in that year. The new (getting more established) relationship sounds wonderful and so much the better, I’m sure, for recognising what the addiction did, or didn’t do, for you!
I think you are right – I think the sickness can be contagious and as such the non-CG needs to take time and care with recovery. I do believe though that having recovered, which the non-CG can do in entirety, it is so important to take the lessons learned into the rest of one’s life. I think they can be the greatest education to help one cope with so many different situations.
As long as man is on the earth gambling will exist and for some that will mean misery but this site will do it’s best to alleviate some of the suffering. Posts like this are uplifting however, so hopefully it will be read by many to let them know that there is light at the end of the tunnel.
I know we will hear from you again but in the meantime keep going as you are because you have worked hard to get where you are now and you deserve it.