Hi Jenny,
I am not going to speak for Velvet as I know she is perfectly capable of doing that herself.

I see there are now Friends and Family Groups on at 6pm and 10pm on different days. Both times which are hopefully accessible for you and other UK members. Unfortunately with different time zones those times are not as convenient for members in other parts of the world.

In case you didn’t know, you would also have been more than welcome in my ealier groups this evening: the Drop In groups are open to both Gamblers and Friends or family and the New Members Advice Groups are also open to all and existing members are more than welcome. Basically they are a “normal” group until/unless a new member comes in and then I and other facilitators are more than grateful for any advice or experience that more experienced members can help give.
Check out the times and you are more than welcome in all but the Gamblers Only groups. Hopefully see you soon.