Hi Jenny,
Great to read an update, it is incredible what a complete turnaround can be made once with pure desire.
Going back and forth in any unhealthy relationship is often common until it becomes old, and when the truth of the matter can’t be denied. It is a process and in the end you somehow get untangled by the lies and manipulation and you get out.
So happy to read that you have completed your degree and that you are working in a career that you have had your mind on for a while. I believe love what you do and you will never work another day in your life 🙂
Your boys are certainly growing up and now with girlfriends, wow. They must be good boys which is no surprise you being their mum. Just keep enjoying them as you know time just keeps on ticking even when we want it to stop. My oldest is 12 and has boyfriends per say, but I know that will change in the next years. I think I will not look ahead on that right now.
It is better we had become stronger, as you wrote, though in a warped way, than the opposite and became weaker by the addiction. Just as the addict didn’t ask for the addiction, we didn’t ask for the backlash either. However, the important part was that we sought recovery, and that is what made all the difference. It was ourselves that got ourselves out of the addiction’s hold and the misery it inflicted on us.
I wish you the best Jenny for the New Year and keep going after your dreams. I believe then we will live our fullest lives.
Love, Twilight