Hi Jenny,
We both are on the site at the very same moment…how cool is that? A big hello to a dear friend who was never afraid to give her honest opinions, thank YOU.
Thank you for your kind words and I appreciated them, making me see the real deal at times. I do visit the site often, sometimes I post and sometimes I just hold back as I feel that I can be too bold and I am not one to really sugar coat. But I understand that recovery is a process and often takes time, we often have to go back and forth as you wrote and I also did the same many times.
The important part is to start one’s own recovery and stick with it. Taking the little scary steps and just not being afraid of change.
To answer your question, I actually was running, about three miles every other day. I loved it but then I pulled my hamstring and now my heel is bothering me. But I am stretching and walking but running is my goal again. The feeling afterwards is so liberating…
I see group is tomorrow but it is Christmas Eve, so I am not sure if I will be able to make it as I am going to my in-laws.