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Hi Jenny

Just caught up with your posts. Utterly devastated that you succumbed to the lies that this illness tells us, this troll under the bridge. You have so much going for you and you know it’ll never happen while in the grip of the evil disease.

I thought it was a lovely poem, and you should publish it in the poetry section. I loved the last 4 lines:

It will seek to pass you by in the blink of an eye,
It will come and go without a chance for your goodbye.
But whilst everyone on here has such a mountain to climb,
We can all be grateful that we still have precious time.

That was happening to me whilst I gambled. It’s not worth it – it wastes our mind, our energy, our will to live The rollercoaster is not worth it. I am glad to hear how excited you are to move in with your fella – exciting times. And yet scary too. I’m scared now I am separated and am missing my little boy to death. The time cannot come quick enough for me to make my trip back to London. I have him all day Sunday.

be good to yourself. Recovery is worth it, I am feeling it.

I look forward to you new posts.