Hi Jenny,

I like Velvet’s simile of GT as an oasis, a place to stop for a period time to regain strength and start recovery. This is not a forever place, nor should it. However, it will never be forgotten and a place where one can return. I feel this is what makes it so special.

You most definitely have been an extremely supportive and active member here. Really taking in consideration all parts of a person’s concern and dilemma, more so that I could or would. I kind of cut to the point, but not you. You still have that sweetness, which is so appreciated. Your replies will be forever here on the site, helping those reading older threads. Their lives will be changed by your words. Your legacy will remain here, giving back what you received.
I have moved on as well, I don’t have it in me to post anymore about the addiction. It has already taken so much for me, even though my outcome is a blessing, two years have almost passed, even with the dust settling. I forgive my father, but what I had to endure with him and his compulsive gambling is still a hard pill to swallow. Now that I am free, I know now what it means to be truly happy, living my life with my family, laughing more than I ever had in my life, and this is how I want to continue living my life.
Thank you for all your support.
XX Twilight