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Thanks for your messages of support. …yesterday I decided that enough was enough. …just cannot cope. …so I came on here. ..and spoke to Harry. ..which helped me through the day. …
Last night my new found enthusiasm dwindled and I spent the last ten quid on slots. …and that was it.
I then decided I’d come clean with the on/off boyfriend. …I’m too old for a “boyfriend” I know ….but don’t like the word “partner”!! Anyway. ..I’d already borrowed and lost a thousand pounds from him. …so I thought it best to confess.
We’ve been seeing each other on and off for over a year. ..and I always thought there was something “missing” in our relationship and that he was still in love with his ex. I now realise that what was missing was me. ….I was /am in love with slots….
Anyway, I told him. ….It took a lot of courage. …apart from him being really disappointed in me not using the money to get out of the mess (well. ..a tiny bit of it! )….He hugged me and said it would be solvable. …
I said I’m not so sure. .But I’m going to try.
And yet. …I’m sitting here writing this knowing full well that if there was any money left in my account. ..I’d be beyond tempted to lose it. …because that’s what I only ever do.
I’m sure those slots have hypnotic powers…..