Hi Jenny, Velvet, Monique and Vera,

Thanks for the birthday wishes, they brought smiles and memories of our time here, supporting and respecting, and the sometime moments of getting on each other’s nerves, as we struggled with this addiction. I agree Jenny. I learned the most from our disagreements, which had me burning at times as I thought of what you wrote, reflecting on a different angle. Thank you for speaking your mind; it helped my recovery.
When I first started my journey here, I was a wreck, on the verge of a breakdown, fearing my father and his addiction. Just hearing the phone ring, gave me anxiety, wondering who was looking for my father and or was it him calling looking for a bail out. His addiction had such a hold on me, never thinking things would ever change, but it did through GT. Now the addiction is out of my life and I couldn’t be happier.
I may come across as abrasive at times as Jenny wrote 🙂 but for a reason. If my words are uncomfortable, then I feel they have done their job, as I have seen the addiction at its worst, hoping to reach someone to really think about their situation.
Thank you for the well wishes, I had a fun evening with my husband and girls.
XX Twilight