Hi Jilly,

Yes, as Vera has written there is a VAST difference between a CG in recovery and a CG who makes no attempt to change his life. My father and your husband share this in their lack of attempt to stop gambling or even recognizing there was a real problem.
This extremely important for family and friends to remember when the temptation to help or enable in anyway arises, when guilt may strike or if someone tries to influence by saying “but he your children’s father, etc” is to shut those voices and know you are doing the right thing, not only for you but him.

Dad is doing well, and yes, he is still in the same place, doing well safe from the addiction and in ways himself. When I visit him I am still overwhelmed by joy that he is living a normal life, compared to the years prior, as you know the story. However, it was at a very high price for not just him but me and my family. I feel his years of gambling as a young man to a senior, contributed to his mental demise.
I have moved on, though I do check on a few member once in a while, my time here is limited, and instead I am throughly enjoying my children, and my family and good life doing well for myself.
I can read your strength in your post and with a big smile, I say “Go Girl.” You will see as time passes, greater things happening to you and your children. You deserve all the great things in life and karma will certainly bless you.

Thinking of you often.

XXX Twilight