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Hi Joey, As you have found, it is a gambling addiction. It doesn’t care whether our “drug of choice” is the scratch cards, the casino or anything else, it just looks for a way to get it’s fix. Read the other stories here, you will see many stories similoar to your own. You will also see the success stories – what are they doing that you can apply to your own situation? Whilst you have good intentions i would not recommedn your advice to anyone reading, nor to yourself. If we were able to control our gamblign then we wouldn’t be in trouble in the first place. I would recommend against keeping the addiction ticking over, rather than attempt the limits you propose you would be better asking that casino to exclude you. It is a gambling addiction; avoidfing all forms of gamboing gives you a better chance of success. You will also read how accoutability helps. Do your parents know about your gambling? Or that it has been a problem? It is good that you have put some of your money a few days away from you, as you say, thinking time is key. Your parents could help with further accountability.

Keep posting and again, i would recommend getting excluded from that casino rather than looking for a “control” we haven’t found in the past.

I had to delete your email address.  This is the world wide web and it is not the best place to share it.  You can talk to others in the groups we have here, check out the schedule. You will also get people responding here as well.